Yoga for Children

Children’s Classes

Perfect for sibling groups or a group of friends, or you and your child.  Children’s classes  are up to  an hour in length and can be tailored to your individual needs and at a time to suit you, in view of other bookings.

From £40 per hour (Whitton, Twickenham, Richmond, Chiswick, Hounslow).

Yoga in Schools

Yoga is beneficial for young people in many ways, but particularly in terms of learning good posture, basic body alignment, good and safe exercise practises for the body as well as methods for relaxation which appear to be more and more important as the stresses of school life and simply growing up seem to increase.  Both health and yoga literature describe the benefits of a relaxed mind and body and increased receptivity to learning. Further to this yoga seeks to improve young people’s self esteem and as such has been found beneficial in promoting interpersonal skills and development.  If you would like any more information relating to the benefits of yoga to school children or would be interesting in discussing classes to be held within your school as part of P.E or after school club please contact me directly on the link or telephone number above.

Yoga Asana and Art Workshops

Ideal for parties, residential trips, after school clubs and summer holiday programmes.
From £40 per hour, please contact me using the telephone number or link above for more details.