I began practising yoga in 2004 as a way of handling work stress and soon became hooked.  From a successful history as a competitive swimmer, football coach, and swimming teacher I was inspired to become a yoga teacher after realising the benefits I felt from my practice.  Having completed training at the Life Centre in London, I am registered as a BWY  Teacher and certified as Life Centre Teacher and BWY accredited teacher (BWY Dip).

As I believe we are all students, and in some ways always beginning our practice and exploration of ourselves in our universe, I continue regular practice and class attendance.  This is in order to teach from a perspective of knowledge and experience rather than just theory.  I have had the privilege to attend a number of workshops and seminars with renowned teachers and to all my teachers and students I am eternally grateful.

In addition to my work as a yoga teacher I am also passionate about working with children and vulnerable people, and as such have worked within Youth Justice in Berkshire and currently within a Primary School in West London.

*Full CV and CPD available on request